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Premium Promo Package
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Premium Promo Package

Long 1 Long 2 Short 1 Short 2 Color 1/33 Color 2/30 TOTAL
Elegant Braids Extension 16 16 16 16 16 16 96
Pencil Mambo Crotchet 16 16 16 16 16 16 96
Sarafina weave - - - - 30


 Africa as a Continent for years now it has been well known for Vast production of high quality products.This has been possible because of the availability of high quality materials and the high standards of Manufacturing Practice.

The global Hair Market is expanding at a steady pace and is more likely to continue doing so during the course of years.

One of the most important factors responsible for this stability is the demand for Quality ,affordable and Lustrous Hair Products.This is what Darling Africa as the Leading brand from East  and West Africa is bringing to the United States Synthetic Hair Market Industry.

Darling Africa has operations in 14 countries across Africa.Darling Africa became the market leader in Hair extensions products in Africa with a comprehensive presence across East and West Africa.

Darling is the Market leader and dominates the landscape in East Africa where it has been Consistently ranked as a 'super brand'

High end Premium  Quality and affordable Synthetic Extensions has not been an available choice in the Market .Now with the availability of Darling Africa Extensions distributed by Hairsparlex that is a dream come true in the Market.

Give your Lovely customers an African Brand as a choice of the Hair extensions that you sell today.

Don't hesitate to be the last one to buy this package.

Help someone to live.  Is a Cancer Awareness initiative in Africa Sponsored by Hairsparlex LLC. 20 dollars of the proceeds goes to the Initiative.

Thank you for helping someone to live.

In this Package you will receive 222 products and 10 products for FREE.



90 Days Money Back Guarantee if you don't sell our Amazing Products in 90 Days Time Frame.

Hassle FREE Return Policy.

In Every Premium Promo pack you buy you Qualify for a Product Reward Program.

For Every Premium Pack you Qualify for 10 products for FREE

Business information is important ,lack of Business insights in this volatile customer driven economy can lead to making bad business decisions.For every Quarter you will receive a Free  Synthetic Hair Extensions Business Insight News letter.

Free Ticket to our Annual African Braids Conference.

You will Enter a Draw to win a Trip to Africa summer 2020.Courtesy of culturalmax.



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