Fundraising Events

Quick and easy fundraising ideas.

Fundraising can feel like a challenge especially when you are afraid to try new fundraising ideas.

A successful  fundraising idea requires relatively little investment of time and money compared to the potential outcome of the fundraising event.

If your church,women group or organisation is looking for a new and creative fundraising idea launching a synthetic hair extension could be the perfect solution.

Launching a synthetic hair extension fundraiser you only need 6 steps.

1 Identify your financial goal.

2  Identify your target group.

3  Identify your marketing and strategy plan.

4   Identify the name of the fundraising campaign.

5  we will build and customize you a website that will suit your fundraising campaign.

6  Finally launch your campaign and spread the word about your hair fundraiser via email,social media and word of mouth.

To launch your synthetic Hair fundraising campaign send us an email to for inquiries and more information.