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The global Hair Market is expanding at a steady pace and is more likely to continue doing so during the course of years.

One of the most important factors responsible for this stability is the demand for Quality, Affordable and Lustrous hair products. This is what Darling Africa as the leading brand from East, West and South Africa is bringing to the United States Hair Market Industry.

Darling Africa has operations in 14 countries Across Africa. Darling Africa is a Market Leader in Hair Extension products, a category which it has pioneered in the continent. Darling Africa became the market leader in hair extensions products in Africa with a comprehensive presence Across West, East and South Africa.

Darling is the market leader and dominates the landscape in East Africa where it has been consistently ranked as a 'super brand'.

Darling is the home of high quality Hair Products to meet all your needs from Twist Box Braids, hot water braids, and Darling braids you may achieve whichever color, size, or length you wish.

The Darling Africa brand today stands for beauty and is an enabler for every woman to transform the way she looks.

Darling Brand is a well-built brand Across Africa and Statistics show we have a vast majority of women from Africa here in America this will enable our growth Across the Nation.

Our Goal as a company is to capture 1% of the market share in North America. We believe because of the Quality, Affordability and Marketing Strategies we have put in place our products will achieve that goal.






There is no Risk in buying our Quality and Affordable Hair Products. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee is guaranteed to any wholesaler who for any Reason is not making enough profit from our Hair Products.

Go to our Homepage https://hairsparlex.com/ far Top right corner make an account with us in order to have Access to our wholesale prices. Within two business days we will be able to approve your Application. If you are not approved, you will be notified via email.     

Please Note this launching Campaign is across the Nation and we will only need a few wholesalers per location to be able to control the product Distribution and the Market.

For the First 100 Wholesalers that will sign up they will get a 10% discount of all the products purchased in the first three months of the Calendar Year.

To make an appointment with our marketing team to view our products please contact us via website and we will get back to you.

Thank you in Advance for considering to be part of this Bold Movement of Launching Darling Africa in America. The assumption of our Marketing Statistics and Marketing Strategy shows that we are going to change the Industry not only because of the quality and Affordability of our hair products but the durability of our amazing products which is the main factor that is missing in most products in the Market.

Don’t be left behind during this Launching period. Go ahead and make an Account with us and try our products for FREE by taking advantage of our 90 Day Money back guarantee.