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 Launching Darling Africa Hair Extensions in North America.

Darling Africa has been in business for over 100 years.

By the early 2000's Darling Africa became the Market leader in Hair Extensions products in Africa with a comprehensive presence across West,East and South Africa.Which Include Kenya,Nigeria,Tanzania and south Africa.

Darling is the market leader and dominates the landscape in East Africa where it has been consistently ranked as a ''Super Brand''.

It is arguably the best in the region both by width and depth of coverage.

The Darling Africa brand today stands for Beauty and is an enabler for every African Women to transform the way she looks.

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Darling Africa Distributed by Hairsparlex LLC.

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Size and color Long 1 Long 2 Short 1 Short 2 Color 1/33 Color 2/30
Elegant braids    22     22    50      50     22      22
pencil mambo    32     32     32      32     32       32





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